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The UCA Test Partner is used to demonstrate to our partners how to use the features of GivePulse.
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Hi Raja!

We could definitely use some help developing some communication materials, guides, and walkthrough videos for our partners to help them use GivePulse. The GivePulse support page has many great resources, but our partners might appreciate some custom guides as well as one-on-one support.

We don't really work with UCA's IT department directly to support our GivePulse page, but GivePulse does have support staff who assist with any problems that we run into, so I think if you needed IT support, they would be glad to assist.
Question: Would this work be purely consulting to our partners and giving them the knowledge of how to work GivePulse and as well teach them how to create perhaps a more attractive advertisement?

Question: Is there an I-T side to this job as a "Test Partner" where I audit the website to make sure it meets the standards of what goals we are trying to meet?

Question: Will I be able to be directly involved with I-T developing this website and application to give suggestions and/or to work and help develop the website myself?