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Festivals, Conferences and Events of all sizes

Work with us for recruitment, management and scheduling of volunteers and have the option for attendees to pay for tickets or donate

Setting up Event

Have one place to recruit, organize and manage attendees and volunteers

  • List
    Set up the event to promote it through social media and allow people to register and inform others they will be attending the event
  • Database
    Have a database to organize and track all festival data relevant for your reporting
  • Manage
    Oversee attendees and update them and get them excited about the festival, inform them of updates during the festival and contact them afterwards


Set up registration and signups to schedule individuals and groups into the different shifts

  • Sign Up
    Allow individuals can select one or many shifts to register with
  • Communicate
    Communicate with a festival attendees and volunteers or a subset of them before and after the event
  • Liability Waivers
    Upon signing up to the event, individuals can agree to the liability waivers you require

Festival Setup

Sell tickets and manage all the people who plan to attend

  • Ticketing
    For attendees to your festival, you can sell tickets and at the same time track and manage volunteers
  • Registration
    Set up custom fields to track t-shirt size, address, phone and other pertinent information for your festival management
  • Lowest Industry Transaction
    We use the industry's lowest payment transaction rate