DinoTracks Augmented Reality Volunteer Opportunity

Saturday, November 13th from 10:00am to Wednesday, December 15th, 2021 2:00pm (MT)
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Hello Volunteers,
We're excited to announce that our Augmented Reality DinoTracks Tour is now available for beta testing!  This self-paced walking tour of the DinoTracks site uses an app-based  platform to provide a tour of the site via your smartphone or table with augmented reality (AR) features. 
As this tour was just created by partners at Boost Human, we need your help to beta test this newly developed app. Please feel free to share this information with any students, friends, or family who would also be interested in helping with beta testing of the app. To help us beta test this app, we need you to take the following steps.  
  1. Sign a waiver to visit the site (unless you've done so in the past year)
    1. Waiverhttps://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/615275dfc195f/web/
    2. IMPORTANT: All site visitors over the age of 18 must sign our Liability Waiver & Site Use Agreement. Parents or guardians of all minors, under the age of 18, must sign a Liability Waiver & Site Use Agreement on their behalf.  Please forward this link to all members of your party for signature. 
  2. Download the free beta testing version of the app to your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play or Apple Store:
    1. Google Playhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.DefaultCompany.Insights
    2. iOS:  https://testflight.apple.com/join/iXFbhfFD
  3. Review and abide by the Site Use, Safety, and Leave No Trace Requirements listed below
  4. Visit the site & take your AR DinoTracks Tour (
    1. Driving Directions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XUdKv62TSDuqTWg4qts7J4OSiRyOVRIK/view?usp=sharing
  5. Share your feedback via this google form:
    1. Feedback Formhttps://forms.gle/p8931wKmMA7FmBDS9
    2. We recommend keeping a paper and pencil to take notes for each stop during your tour
Please review and abide by the following Site Use, Safety and Leave No Trace Site Use Requirements:
Site Use: To ensure that you and your group have a great experience at the DinoTracks site, please review the following information carefully:
  1. The DinoTracks AR tour travels on a 1.5 mile loop hike and takes approximately 1-2.5 hours to complete depending upon the length of time you spend at each of the 10 tour stops. Please ensure that all members of your group are prepared for the tour:
    1. Bring plenty of water
    2. Sunscreen
    3. Appropriate clothing: hat & closed toed shoes
  2. Please note the following important phone numbers:
    1. New Mexico State Police:  (575) 589-6600
    2. Santa Teresa Border Patrol: (575) 874-6810
    3. Insights Office: (915) 534-0000

Safety: The key to safety is awareness of your surroundings.  Please be extremely careful when hiking using this app.  Insights is not liable for any injuries, bodily harm, or death resulting in the use of the site or this tour app. Before beginning your tour, please make sure that your group is prepared for the following hazards:

  • (Weather and Sun) Be sure you have plenty of water, hats, and sunscreen before beginning the tour.  We strongly recommend hiking when temperatures are below 90F.
    • CAUTION! We advise that you do not plan your trip within 1 day of a raistore in which we receive over .1 in of rain. Wet soils may cause some of the tracksites rocks to become unstable and dangerous to walk beneath.

      Do not enter the croc pit (site 3) after rain!  The large slabs of rocks above you in this old quarry site may become unstable.

    • Don't forget to check the weather before planning your trip, keep an eye out for harsh temperatures, rain, or excessive winds.

  • (Trails, roads & railroads) The trails are constantly changing due to weathering and erosion. Loose rocks and sand will be present on the trail and can be dangerous. The roads are active and contain blind corners for drivers, please use extreme caution when walking on or near the road.  Border patrol and other vehicles may speed down the dirt road.  Railroad tracks surrounding the property are actively used; stay away from railroad tracks. 

  • (Animals & Plants) There are many animals, big and small, that live in the area. DO NOT approach any wildlife. A majority of animals will not bother humans; while others including but not limited to may: snakes, lizards, scorpions, spiders and rarely, mountain lions and coyotes.  Since we live in a desert a vast majority of the plants can harm us in one way or another. Thorns and spines can cut, poke and cause severe itching.  Stay alert for and stay away from wildlife and thorny plants.  

  • (Border) Cristo Rey borders Mexico. There have been times that undocumented immigrants have tried to join a tour group. There have also been cases of robbery on Cristo Rey. Although it is unlikely that anyone will come down to the trails and rob people, please take caution and keep your distance from other guests using the trails. 

  • (Orientation) Please stay on trails and make sure that your phone is fully charged before beginning the tour. Be aware of your surroundings and take note of the tour layout prior to beginning the tour so that you can find your way back to your vehicle should you lose access to the Tour App.

  • (COVID 19) - Let’s work together to stop the spread of COVID-19.  Please follow current CDC, state, and local guidelines.

Leave No Trace: We want to leave the DinoTracks site in the same or even better shape than we found it today.  This means that we will observe the following rules.  

  • Stay on trails as much as possible.

  • Pick up all the trash.

  • Take only pictures.  Feel free to hold and look at fossils, but please leave them here for the next group to enjoy!

  • Observe, but do not pick plants, or bother any wildlife

Thank you!  Please let us know if you have any questions. 
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