City & Municipality Community Engagement Platform: How to Help Campaign

Hub to organize, coordinate and track all community, giving and volunteer efforts in able to turn care into action

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The commitment to public service shared by the GivePulse team made it easy to build trust and develop a great campaign for our City. These are the folks to work with if you want to make an impact in your community.

Kimberly Caldwell, City of Austin

City-Wide Campaigns (Turn Care to Action)

Activate the whole community of citizens to rally together to support one another through donation drives, fundraising campaigns, volunteer activities and all community engagement activity. Whether the initiative is to keep vulnerable populations fed, address a crisis or emergency, engaging your youth, or encouraging citizens to participate with your city, the platform allows to pull everything into one central hub. The How to Help Campaign is one of many initiatives that will help turn care into action.

  • Community Engagement
    In many instances, there are many departments within the City that will want to facilitate community engagement efforts. The Public Information Office (PIO) is one such office. For example, they have many initiatives to address community needs, emergencies and disasters. With the GivePulse platform the city can collaborate with multiple departments, programs and community partners to facilitate community engagement efforts. Reach out to our success team to brainstorm or strategize how we can turn care into action via
  • Emergency & Disaster Preparedness
    An emergency technology platform can be set up for specific ongoing programs or placed into a dormant template stage waiting to be activated. In an instant, the templates can be launched and published to facilitate management and communication with CERTs, partnerships, skilled staff and professionals, volunteers and citizens. The collaborative platform can also be set up to ensure ongoing engagement to ensure resiliency
  • Civic Engagement
    GivePulse works with a number of civic organizations to stimulate volunteerism, citizenship and engagement. In Austin, we help drive all forms of engagement, from public health initiatives, master planning meetings, city council engagement and supporting city initiatives. Please reach out to us to learn more about our civic engagement work

Crisis Management

In times of emergencies, it is imperative to have the ability to quickly and efficiently organize, plan, and execute plans of action to save lives. Whether it’s a hurricane, a virus, or an emergency situation, we can help.

  • Emergencies
    Organize, direct, instruct, message, and promote your emergency needs in an instant. GivePulse can be your one centralized platform to create events, message your community, and get all hands on deck right when you need them. For more information in regards to our emergency capabilities go here
  • Pandemics & Public Health Crises (COVID-19)
    Getting help during COVID-19 has become a priority for cities as they navigate through the pandemic. Organizations, nonprofits, and individuals face unprecedented needs, and cities and municipalities have the capacity to respond to these needs. The City of Austin filled this need through their How to Help Campaign. Contact our success here to learn how your city, municipality, county, and/or community can create your own response.
  • Giving Days
    Giving days have become more popular as cities and nonprofit organizations see a need for additional funding. They are a great way to expose your community’s nonprofit sector, draw attention to the needs they fulfill, and help nonprofits meet their annual goals. The How to Help Campaign along with GivePulse technology, pulls these elements together in one centralize platform

Search for remote, virtual, or pro bono projects and opportunities on GivePulse

We provide a clearinghouse of virtual and remote opportunities for individuals and groups to find project-based opportunities, activities and tasks. Users are able to search, sort and filter through the various opportunities.

  • Searching
    You can navigate to the Get Involved search page, which allows you to input search criteria in order to narrow the opportunities that populate. From the GivePulse search page, you can filter by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), causes, skills and other criteria to refine the search.
  • Filtering
    On the Get Involved search page, you can filter by emergencies, causes, skills, SDGs, availability, timeframes, and more. Administrators can also add metadata, provide further description and context, and improve search keywords.
  • Quick Link
    For a general search, you can go here. For opportunities related to COVID-19 response you can navigate to COVID-19 Search. For emergencies, you can go to Emergencies. For virtual/remote projects and opportunities you can go to Virtual Search. Be it a virtual opportunity, an emergency related taskforce or an opportunity to apply your skills pro bono, opportunities are available through this search. For opportunities that you can't find, please contact us via our For administrators of nonprofits, please list your opportunity here

Volunteer Management

Database to manage all volunteer activity. As an admin you can manage individual or group schedules or empower them to oversee it themselves; create all types of one-time and ongoing opportunities; empower volunteers to track their own impacts.

  • Days of Service Management
    Create one-time events with or without shifts. Allow individual or group registration and reservations. Manage registration sign-in with or without internet.
  • Schedule Ongoing Volunteers
    For recurring opportunities and events use our scheduling and calendar registration system to keep track of volunteer participation.
  • Database
    Oversee all application data, activity data, and updated contact info of your volunteers and organizers into one database, so that it can be integrated with other CRM systems or kept within GivePulse.


Create one or many portals (subgroups) under one United Way or Volunteer Center umbrella, e.g., subgroups can have an emphasis on Emerging Leaders, Corporate Days, Tocqueville Society, Women United, etc…

  • Style and Whitelabel
    You may highlight different events for each subgroup, alter the appearance of an event, and customize an event for a specific audience of volunteers.
  • Delegated Administrators
    If you decided to create a hierarchy of subgroups, you may delegate multiple administrators and event managers to oversee each specific subgroup.
  • Membership Management
    Each portal and subgroup you oversee can have its own unique set of members and application process to become a member.

Communication & Notifications

Configure emails and notifications that originate from GivePulse to use your language and vernacular. Leverage our internal messaging system to communicate with the recipients of your choice including specific subgroups, specific volunteers, specific event participants, or even your own list!

  • Individual & Group Communication
    Mass communicate with specific shifts, volunteers attending an event, specified groups of people, or select an individual to privately communicate with.
  • Send Feedback Surveys
    Send surveys or use the default settings to receive feedback and comments after attending specific events and opportunities.
  • Customize
    Messages and notifications sent out can be customized with the white-labeling options so that it has your brand, logos and other changes you decide to include.

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